Monday, January 11, 2010

Trying to Stay Warm in a RV

Last year this time we were on the coast of Georgia. Although it was cool there it wasn't cold like it is here in southeastern Tennessee (Chattanooga, TN) this January. I am imagining that it is pretty darn cold in southern Georgia right about now too. We've done a pretty good job of keeping ourselves warm it is just the water and the sewer issues that have been a challenge. I believe John has finally thawed out the sewer pipe enough for us to do dishes which is a good thing because I was running out of pots and pans to cook with. Of course we have the recommended heat tape on the water coming into the RV but we really think that we may want to invest in a heat tape for the sewer pipe too. Looks like we will be here atleast another week or so then we're not sure where we will be going next. Always an adventure...we are crossing our fingers for somewhere we haven't been to yet!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hallelujah I Figured it Out!! by Tricia Baehr

Many, many moons ago I wrote about what a horrible blogger I had become. Now I have become a better blogger but on another blog! I could not for the life of me figure out what email/password combination I had used on this one although our twitter updates to this blog and gives a pretty accurate view of all of the mischief we get into on the road. My new blog is more of a personal one geared towards my thoughts about being on the road, about food, food for thought and spiritual food. It is called Gypsy Mama Manna follow along if you like. I will now start to update this one more frequently and allow the kids to do the post their travel pictures and observations about roadschooling as well. Currently we are visiting family and friends near the Atlanta area. Traveling tomorrow to our former home town to Native Nurturing Weekend at the Center for Peace that I blogged about last year. We'll be spending Thanksgiving in the prairies of Kansas and we have no idea what's up after that! I think I found my niche for writing again and I am grateful and appreciative for that. We have been so many wonderful places and done so many incredible things in the last 15 months (wow! we've been a family on the road for 15 months now!!) on the road. Life is a journey and we are enjoying the ride!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll Admit it...I'm a horrible blogger by Tricia Baehr

Seems like I had good intentions with this blogging thing but living in the moment can really distract me from going backwards to recollect what we saw, did or learned about on this confounded blog! I love to write, so much so that I find myself doing it at random times. Long hand flows out of me into notebooks and journals. Finding the inspiration to re-type my musings into the blog not so much. We have seen and done some amazing things since the last blog post. Traveled around quite a bit and generally just enjoying the freedom, love and joy of being able to do so. John is working and enjoying what he does. We all seem to be finding our groove in this quirky little lifestyle we have created. The children are expanding in ways that is hard to describe. Some things are coming full circle and some are coming to a close.
I am grateful for that closure.

Another excuse I have is my new digital camera. Seems I turned it on when charging the battery which resulted in the rechargable battery going dead. I've looked several places, several times and they are always sold out of the type of battery my camera needs. A picture is definately some mighty fine inspiration for me to write upon, when it comes to blogging. Any hoo...I will try to blog more but I'm not making any promises. Follow my twitter--maybe you'll catch a glimpse of our wonderful life on the road.

Until next time...embody the love and the light within you, this moment is all we have.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tracks by Birke baher

Today at Blythe Island Regional Park B.I.R.P. for short. : ) Anyways I went on a walk with my brother Brandt on a sand trail.While we were walking we stubled upon DEER TRACKS!!!!!!So I pulled out my Kodak camera and took pictures of the tracks.(as you see below)Sooooooo.... we walked on and on and on and on......................Finally we came cross garbage so to be good to mother earth I picked it up and put it in recycle bin!!!(Please recycle,be good to mother earth)Anyways we came upon racoon tracks so I took a picture of those.(as seen below)Soooooo....... That's my blog called TRACKS by me(birke)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Educational Information

The Sponge Docks by Birke Baehr ( a written report)

The sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida is one of a few areas where natural sea sponges grow in the Gulf of Mexico. Two kinds of sponges that grow in the Gulf are the yellow sponge and the wool sponge. Another type that grows in the Mediterranian is called the silk sponge. A sponge is a living breathing animal, the sponge has a membrane on the outside which is called the gurry. The yellow part is the skeleton for the membrane. I bought a yellow sponge at the Sponge Factory (watch the video there it's free) Come Check out Tarpon Springs, FL and make sure you visit the sponge docks.

The Sponge Docks by Bailey Baehr ( a written report)

There are different kinds of sponges here are some, silk sponge, yellow sponge, finger sponge, wool sponge there are also the loofah which is not a sponge at all. The part that they take is the skeleton. They sort them by placing them through circles cut out of wood for the different sizes.
And how they get them is by a SCUBA diver. It was amazing. The end.

Road Poetry by Tricia Baehr

Silently they all slept.
Their breath was all that was heard.
The beauty of the in and the out.
Inside my own chest I could feel the beating of my heart.
I could feel the blood pumping through my veins.
For the first time in years the feeling in the pit of my stomach was gone.
I knew that I was on the right path.
Peacefulness swept over me as I flipped on the blinker and changed lanes.
In the side view mirror I saw the hills of my upbringing slip away.
Eyes forward.
The adventure, the possibilities lie ahead.
The corners of my lips upturn and spread into a most glorious smile.
Yes, yes.
This is it.
It's on it's way.
And the movie orchestra music in my head strikes up a score and I can hear the angels playing our song.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tarpon Springs & Dunedin Florida by Tricia Baehr

We've just left a great area that we want to share with everyone. Tarpon Springs, FL is located on Florida's Gulf Coast just north of the St. Petersburg area. The area known as the Sponge Docks provided us with a wonderful cultural and educational experience. The Baehr kids learned all about sponges and the sponge industry there as well as a great deal about the Greek culture and best of all Greek food. We would recommend the following restaurants, Mama Marias, Costas and Hellas. The kids already loved calamari but have now added, saganaki (Opa! cheese), keftedes, greek salads, greek chicken/lemon soup, gyros, souvlaki and baklava to their ethnic foods they love.

We also found a great little shop there, The Spice & Tea Exchange where we bought some great teas & spices. The proprietors, Jen & Dennis Macke were so friendly and informative. Birke is in love with the Phoenix Oolong tea and we are anticipating their "Florida Sunshine" salt blend on all the seafood we hope to be eating while in this part of the country. We also liked that they had bulk spices, spice mixes and teas in large jars so you could purchase a little or a lot. Which means less packaging and a smaller impact on the environment.

We stayed at the Dunedin RV Resort on Alt. 19 which was clean, neat and lots of friendly folk there. The kids LOVED all of the many dogs that live there with their people (just a note, I believe they have a pet free section)

We also enjoyed the beach at Honeymoon Island on December 30th the kids played on the beach and Brandt and Bailey even swam quite a bit in the Gulf. The sand was white like granulated sugar with lots of stones and shells to play with.

We watched all the fireworks on New Years from the Dunedin Causeway, we could see from Port St. Richey all the way down to the St. Petersburg area. We found the Dunedin recycling center which was great except we felt that they needed to take plastics 1-7 instead of just plastic bottles. The downtown Dunedin area great for walking around, shopping and restaurants-we had breakfast at a little coffee house there.

There was so much to see and do in this area, we barely scratched the surface...luckily for us the job John was working on there will require us to go back there and for his company to do another 10k sq. ft. in the future so we're excited about that!